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YES Professional Grunge Photo Shoot



The Young Enterprising Society’s mission is to be an international epicenter for financially, politically and socially progressive individuals. Serving as a hub, YES aims to mobilize people, information, resources and capital for the greater good of its members and society at large.

YES The Organization

YES serves many roles and because of the extensive network of over 100,000 people as a organization, we extend to all genres of life. Specifically, as an organization YES provides free haircuts to Young Males, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and Pamper my Princess programs that aim to make our children into better people.

YES The Business

Project Management, Event Planning, Marketing, Product Development, Cell Phone Service & Merchant Services (ie. Cash Advance, Credit Card Processing & Website Creation)

Thank you for your support and please contact us for any questions.


Chicago, Memphis, Lafayette (LA), Houston & Dallas

YES completed a 5 city tour scheduled during NBA All Star Weekend February 13th-18th 2013. YES stopped in Memphis, TN, Lafayette, LA, Houston,TX, Dallas, TX, and Chicago, IL. During the tour YES promoted the various brands and companies within YES, hosted a free Haircuts for Kids and Pamper my Princess event at the Tellepsen YMCA, and enjoying themselves along the way. Members of Young Enterprising Society from across the United States documented their travels and experiences of expanding their brands while donating social capital and was released as a full length documentary by Von Harris Productions.


Young Enterprising Society (YES) visited the beautiful city of Atlanta for the second YES Tour during ATL Greek Picnic June 5-8, 2013. YES traveled with a group of 20 entrepreneurs, each of whom specialize in distinct trades ranging from business management to videography. We were on the same mission; to collectively promote each other and find the necessary components to continually grow our respective businesses and YES.

Young Enterprising Society (YES) visited the beautiful city of Atlanta for the second YES Tour during ATL Greek Picnic June 5-8, 2013. Fly Philanthropy invited YES to aid in feeding over 500 homeless citizens. While in Atlanta YES volunteered at Atwood Gardens and volunteered in helping revitalize their community Garden and they introduced us to their Aquapoincs display.

Tiara Fulilove set up the nightlife with VIP at the Hottest Clubs in Opera, Creme and Compound. During that time Hank and Mike Wayne got a chance to audition for the Remy Martin Ringleader Competition. Hank was selected as one of the finalist and was victorious as the Remy Ringleader.

New York City

As the third iteration of the YES Tour, YES is visited New York City to host STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) workshops for students. The topics chosen give students an overview of not only the career paths of today, but also the top careers when they enter the workforce. The US Department of Commerce reported that jobs within technology are growing at three times the pace of other career fields, and to compete in the global economy, these fields have to be properly introduced to our youth, then continually cultivated.

YES visited the Harlem YMCA and Ridgewood YMCA to host their workshop to children ranging of Age from 5-17. The 90 minute workshop used products from Mozilla and Google Maker to begin to expose children to new technologies that are vital to the success of America and the WORLD. Erol Sculpture of New York joined YES and gave a presentation on 3D Printing. The kids were amazed on how fast items can move from thought, to reality, using 3D printing.

Additionally, YES teamed up with Better Baller Athletics, a non-profit organization that focuses on the educational component within basketball to host a mixer at the Griffin NYC in Manhattan.  The night was epic, and YES was able to help raise money for their organization.


The YES Tour Chicago, October 18-20, 2013 was a great series of events. Special thanks to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for sponsoring the tour. The tour included:

Success:  A night event which featured live musical performances, a visual performance artist, vendors and fun in a private loft overlooking Downtown Chicago.

Breaking Barriers Panel Discussion:  Following a tremendously successful panel discussion in 2012, Dr. Ivory Toldson is brought his critically acclaimed Breaking Barriers discussion back to the Midwest at Chicago State University (9601 South Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL). This program let African – American males speak on their perspectives on the American educational system.

Author’s Roundtable: Radio personality, Envy Perez hosted a Charlie Rose type discussion. The featured authors, Dr. Ivory Toldson, Stormey Ramdhan, Lawton Merritt and Yashi McGowan and host engaged in a relaxed conversation about the process, subject manner and business around their respective books.

Additionally, thank you to all the sponsors of the tour including Merchant Plus Funding, My Morning After, Bee Cosmetics, Mycelia Project, and Outspoken Designs

YES Tour Video

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