For the past 4 years, YES has taught our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Curriculum (STEAM) to over 1,800 students throughout the United States.

YES introduces Entrepreneurship skills into our STEAM Curriculum, making the sessions one of a kind experiences.

Young Enterprising Society welcomes the opportunity to work with Districts, Schools, Universities, Organizations or anyone looking to educate themselves in the STEAM disciplines.

Program Overview

YES presents Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math programming to students in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach that shows children young working examples of people that generate income from these fields. YES has taught over 1,800 children in the STEAM discipline in the largest Metropolitan areas including, New York, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

YES uses Steve Blank’s internationally recognized, Lean Startup Canvas to navigate students through a “Building a Business” workshop that begins to correlate how STEAM is used in real world applications. The topics chosen give students an overview of not only the career paths of today, but also the top careers when they enter the workforce. This process begins to mold their minds to be entrepreneurs and business owners in addition to workers and laborers. While a workforce is always needed, more innovative thinkers must be groomed from within the United States educational system.

The goal of the YES STEAM workshop is to show students relatable, young entrepreneurs that work and thrive within STEAM industries so that they may be motivated to explore the same or similar industries. Additionally, the program exposes students to the newest technologies, to continually expand their minds into producing the latest technologies.

Our workshops have now grown into a 4 year curriculum that includes (i) technology introduction, (ii) a business accelerator, (iii) career and college readiness, and (iv) project based learning.

Increase in Students inclined to pursue STEAM Careers
Students Educated
Increase in students enrolled in Engineering Courses

These are some of the educational organizations that Young Enterprising Society has worked with:

College of Menominee Nation
Shorewood High School
Washington High School
Destiny High School
North Division High School
South Division High School
Bradley-Tech High School
95th Street School
Allen-Field Elementary School
Craig Montessori School
St. Joan Antida
Harold Vincent High School
Barack Obama High School
Hopkins Elementary School
Wisconsin Conservatory for Lifelong Learners
NOVA Tech High School
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
John Marshall High School
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