Students complete 450 hours of mentored on the job training culminating in a National Industry Completion Certification that can be taken it anywhere in the U.S.

Young Enterprising Society hosts high School students in Youth Apprenticeships in Information Technology and Architecture:

• Apply academic knowledge
• Apply career knowledge
• Apply Architecture and Construction industry knowledge
• Communicate effectively
• Take direction and corrective feedback
• Act professionally
• Demonstrate customer service skills
• Cooperate with others in a team setting
• Think critically
• Exhibit regulatory and ethical responsibilities
• Use basic technology
• Use resources wisely

• Interpret technical drawings
• Use measuring devices accurately
• Organize databases, files and drawings
• Reproduce documents and plans
• Compile site measurements and other data
• Use architectural drafting software
• Develop 2D (orthographic) view drawings
• Develop 3D view models
• Dimension drawings
• Apply lettering and basic annotation to drawings
• Prepare working drawings
• Assist to research building codes and site requirements
• Participate on an architectural design project

• Maintain web/digital media production and progress records
• Assist to outline structural content
• Assist to create verbal content
• Create or edit images and graphics for website/digital use
• Create templates for website layout
• Write program code for a website (W/S)
• Assist to create specialized scripts/motion graphics
• Perform user testing
• Assist to finalize a website
• Assist to maintain a website
• Participate on website/digital media project team

The competencies found in the Architecture and Construction Skills Checklist are aligned with the National States’ Career Clusters standards for Architecture and Construction. The Department of Workforce Development has also reviewed them for WI Child Labor Laws.

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